How can you improve your skills as a football player? How can you become a great player by perfecting your skills? In what way can you lead your team to have more wins than losses? Research is where it begins, so keep reading to learn all that you can about playing football.

Practice your football kicking skills. Kicking is important even though it is not the most used skill in football. Too many football players don’t spend enough time improving their kicking game. That causes problems when they try to move the ball through uprights.

TIP! Keep yourself healthy if you want to keep playing. It is important to properly warm up before games, workouts or scrimmages.

The greatest football players are extremely agile. Exercises such as running through old tires, leaping over cones and skipping rope will help build your agility. You need to think fast and react quickly to play good football. These three exercises use speed, coordination and quick thinking. You will gain greater agility by practicing these exercises.

If you want to improve your overall game-play and speed in particular, learn to play using both of your two feet. Most players have one lead-off foot they tend to rely on, and perform better with. Try exercising your non-dominant foot so that you can move faster and maneuver better.

Study the other team’s formations to help you create a better defense. If you watch where the receivers line up, you can make predictions on the play. Pay attention to different formations of the offensive team by studying actual football games you watch, then keep track of all the different types of plays.

TIP! Work on drills intended to boost agility. Football requires great agility.

Your work ethic will factor into how much field time you get. While natural talent can play a large role, work ethic is a larger part of being successful as a football player. A coach would rather have a player who is willing to work hard and learn over a lazy player with natural abilities.

Correct technique is vital for catching passes on a rainy day. Point both feet facing the ball to avoid slipping. You will gain better ball control when you do finally catch it. Additionally, your hips and chest should stay in a similar position to your legs. Place your hands towards the front of the ball and off to the side.

Dan Marino was never one to put his feet up and wait for success to find him. The man worked exceptionally hard and dedicated his whole life to the game of football and the strategies needed to achieve success. If you want to be a great player, you need to follow his example by using good advice.