Basketball isn’t a game that’s only played in after school games or gym class. You can play this game in your driveway or at a local park. To shoot hoops and play basketball better in general, focus reading the information below.

You can easily focus on offense when learning to play basketball, however, you must really focus how playing defense. Defense ultimately determines the winner of a game of basketball. Offense may score points but defense keeps the other team from scoring points that your team will have to match.

TIP! Get good at making free throws. The execution of a free throw is not as simple as it may appear.

Keep your head up when you dribble. You haven’t practiced enough if you keep looking at the basketball while you’re dribbling. If you are just getting started, bring your ball with you everywhere. Dribble the ball as you go about your day doing errands like walking the dog. Don’t look while dribbling, because you won’t be able to see what’s going on.

Bounce Passes

Bounce passes are important in the game of basketball. Bounce passes need to be at waist level when received. One good rule of thumb is to bounce the ball around three quarters of the way to the other player. There are, however, other factors that influence the pass.

TIP! Look forward when dribbling. You need more practice if you feel that you cannot dribble without focusing on the ball.

Want to trick the other team? Give the back pass a try! To do a back pass, begin by grasping the basketball using your dominant hand. Move the ball so that it is behind you. The last step is to flick your wrist in the direction you want the ball to land. This will confuse the other team into wondering where the ball went.

To be a good post-up player in the pain, you need to have really good footwork. You must be certain to get the good spot ahead of your opponent. After establishing good position, you need to make sure you hold it. These will both require powerful footwork.

If you get hurt during a basketball game, don’t try to play while in pain. Basketball is physically demanding and you can easily get hurt. If you continue playing, you could make the injury even worse. If the injury feels too bad then seek medical attention right away.

TIP! Making a free throw takes mental concentration as well as physical prowess. You can train your body to complete the motions of making a free throw, but if you are mentally prepared to fail, you will.

Ask your teammates what they like about how you play. Can you get better at something? Perhaps you are quick footed, or you are always ready to lend a hand on the court. See what others view as your own natural skills, then be sure you retain and develop them more.

Understand your opponent. One great way to get a better understanding of your opponent is to take the time to watch film and get information from other players or scouts. Know which players are left and right handed. When you know some of the other player’s moves, you’ll have a leg up during a game as you’ll be able to predict what he is going to do. The more knowledgeable a defender is, the stronger he is.

Whether it is a pick-up game, H.O.R.S.E. or a competition, becoming a better player will help you have more fun when you play basketball. Since you’ve devoted this time to reading this article, the next step is to take these new skills out to the court. As you learn more, you’ll start to play better.