The sport of basketball came about because of Dr. Dr. James Naismith was his name and he invented it in 1891. Since that time, it has grown into a sport beloved by many people. It all started with the doctor. Many celebrities have come out of basketball. How do they do it? Reading these tips is an excellent start.

Perfect your free throw. This looks easy, but it is actually very hard to do. When practicing your free throw, concentrate on where you want the ball to go when it leaves your hands. Hold the ball level to your face. Picture yourself going through the shot in your mind, with the ball sinking through the net. Then try shooting the ball along the trajectory that was in your mind.

TIP! Proper balance is essential when shooting. While some NBA players are able to launch a ball to the net mid-fall, this is not appropriate for most people.

Make sure that you practice your layups frequently. During any game, layups make up about 75 percent of the game. It’s critical to practice running towards the basket at full speed and following up with a good jump and smooth shot. Practicing your running and jumping as a single motion will improve your technique faster than practicing them separately.

You should practice against a variety of defense types, not just zone. Zone play will be important, but man-to-man will pop up from time to time, too. Be sure to practice for this eventuality so you will not become rattled and lose the game.

To learn how to pass well, drill without dribbling. It is a challenge not to dribble while playing, but it will ensure the accuracy of your team’s passes. This is very challenging at first, but eventually it will really improve your entire team’s passing game.

TIP! Practice the skill of pass catching. When you practice, drill yourself to pay attention to errant throws and passes that are picture perfect.

Don’t bulk up if you want to be good as a jump shooter. Being weighed down by too much bulky muscle can have a negative impact on your jump shot. Certain pro guards ended up increasing their arm size so much that their shooting started to suffer.

Do you want to fool the other team? How about the behind the back pass? Perform this pass by holding the ball using your dominant hand. Pull it behind you. Pass the ball from behind your back by flicking your wrist in the direction you want the ball to go. This will trick your opponents.

Footwork is what gets you ready for a shot. You must be certain to get the good spot ahead of your opponent. Once you find a spot, you need to know how to defend it. These skills require solid footwork.

TIP! You should practice against a variety of defense types, not just zone. Your opponent may change their game up to keep you on your toes.

It’s great to be quick in basketball. If you want the advantage, you’ve got more quickly. It takes steady drilling to play fast. But do not try to play faster than you are able. If you try to rush your play, and can’t keep up, you will turn the ball over or make unforced mistakes.

To play good defense, you have to upset and disrupt your opponent. Force them to leave their comfort zone. Execute your moves with aggression. Do not allow them to pick and choose their plays. If you let them, they’ll totally take the control from you. Rather, you make the initial move and break up their flow.

Work on making your forearms and hands stronger in order to improve ball handling. Curling your wrists also help you improve your own dribbling. Do not remain in one place. It’s not likely that you will be able to successfully catch and shoot without moving. The best way to get into the flow of the game is to be in motion.

TIP! Lay off the weights if you are trying to become a jump shooter. Even though having strong muscles is great for the inside game, being on the outside it can harm you when shooting the ball.

Changing up your pace is something you have to do to make sure the offense is paying attention. When you are getting closer to the net, put your foot out and straighten up your body. This will make the guard think you’re slowing down, then they will straighten their body too. When that happens, rush forward and power past them.

Stay low when you play defense. This allows you to jump or react quicker. Stay in your defensive stance. When you block a shot, go back to a defensive form quickly.

Switch your body’s weight from side to side while practicing your dribbling. During the game, you will dribble in various situations. You might have a truly open court, but you might also be dealing with an onslaught of opposition. It helps to master control of your body as you dribble in a variety of positions. This can help you find your way out of trouble.

TIP! Need to dupe the opposition? Back passes can give your team the opportunity to score while the other team is still wondering what happened. To do a back pass, begin by grasping the basketball using your dominant hand.

The hand not used to dribble the ball should serve as a wall separating the ball from the opposing players. This is much safer than just shoving an opponent, which is a serious foul and bad sportsmanship to boot. Just make sure it is kept slightly up while you use the other hand to dribble.

It is important to take your diet seriously if you want to be the best player you can be. When playing regularly, you are going to need lots of carbs for serious energy, along with some fats and protein. You should try to include more wheat bread, chicken, nuts and peanut butter into your diet. You should use salt and sugar sparingly.

When coming down from a rebound catch, try to land and spread your legs wider than your shoulder span to better your balance. Put one hand on each side of the basketball, and hold it against your chest. Always keep your elbows in check because an errant elbow can cost you a foul if an opposing player is hit with it.

TIP! If you’re looking to be the best defensive player that you can be, you’ll want to know your opponent. Review tapes and keep up with scouting reports.

All you need to have a basketball game is a basketball goal and a few friends. If you desire to become an amazing player, you need the right knowledge. This article provided you with a good start, so keep learning and practicing to become a master at it.