Have you imagined yourself as Larry Bird or Magic Johnson. Don’t just aspire to be great; learn the things that will make you great. Read these tips to take your natural basketball skills to the next level.

Make sure that you’re dribbling the ball correctly. Instead of using your palm to dribble focus on using your fingertips. Using your fingertips will allow you to have better control when dribbling the ball. Keeping the ball to your side will help it from getting in the way. Don’t look down, always look up.

TIP! Make sure that you’re dribbling the ball correctly. When dribbling the basketball, use your fingertips rather than the palm of your hand.

If you hold the ball a lot, you have to learn crossovers. Moving the ball from hand to hand is a crossover. It should be done quickly. Once you’ve learned how to use it, the crossover dribble makes it easy to navigate the court in a more effective way.

Proper Bounce

Learn how to throw a proper bounce pass. Proper bounce passes ought to hit the recipient at the level of their waist. Bounce the ball so that it lands near your teammate. It does depend on a variety of other factors, however.

TIP! A great way to learn how to pass is by doing drills often with no dribbling. This is very hard to accomplish, but it forces you and your fellow players to work on accurate passing skills.

The key to ball control is to spread your fingers out. This will help you keep a better grip on the ball. Do not allow your palm to come in contact with the ball either. The only things that should touch the ball are your fingers, as you shoot or pass.

Focus on your footwork and core strength when working out. If the core muscles are in good shape, you will feel lighter on your feet. Work your ab, back, hip and buttocks muscles. Just like boxers, you can improve your footwork and speed by jumping rope.

Consistent free throws require a consistent technique. Inconsistency will ruin your shots. In order to make your free throw perfect, you’ll need to practice the shot many times and get into a routine. If you alter your routine then chances are the shot will not be good.

TIP! Never turn away from the ball, so that you can always stay ready for anything. This will help you stay on top of quick changes in possession or plays attempted by your opponent.

Your forearms and hands should be strengthened if you wish to handle the ball better. Exercises that involve strengthening the wrist are especially helpful for dribbling. Making a goal isn’t just standing there as the ball miraculously comes to you and then shooting it at the basket. Things rarely happen unless you are actually moving the basketball.

Perform drills where you attempt to get the ball up full-court in 5 dribbles or less. While this is a challenging goal, working toward it will make you a much better player. This can mean easy lay-ups on fast breaks, or just give your team numbers for a moment.

Try to keep the ball in your line of sight at all times. While it will allow you to catch passes and read the score, there is more to it than that. Your peripheral vision should be at its best. This will help you to find open teammates and keep an eye out for the defensive players.

When you have the chance, take charge. This play gets your team possession of the ball and a foul against your opponent. This may completely break the competition down.

Practice shooting hundreds of shots during each training, and you quickly improve shooting skills. To get even better, try to practice dribbling and quickly shooting. When you are in the air, take a gander at the target. Don’t do it prior to this point. This will help improve your accuracy during a game.

It is important that you remain in control of the ball despite which way your body is going. Games require you to be able to dribble under all types of conditions. You need to feel as comfortable with defense closing in on you, as you do in the open court. Remember to dribble while leaning in various directions. It will help you when you need it most.

TIP! The best free throws come as a result of routine. Perhaps you will dribble twice, follow up by bending your knees, pulling your earlobe or performing some other ritualistic action for good luck.

Try different shots from different places on the basketball court. Practice your grip and balance first. Shooting when you are not in balance is less accurate, but it is possible. Use the valve on the basketball to perfect your grip. Spread your dominant hand’s fingers, and place the center of it over the valve that’s at the the ball’s center.

Make strong team environments off and on the court. Basketball is a sport that goes so much further when a team truly connects. That means knowing each players strengths and weaknesses and trusting them.

After going through this article you should be able to practice a number of things. Keep your practice consistent, and build your own skills and confidence. Keep these tips in mind as you impress on the court.