Do you enjoy basketball but feel like you’re behind on knowing all about it? You are not alone! Lots of folks watch basketball games and marvel at what the professionals can do. Read this article to learn some basic tips about the game.

Learn the best way to make your free throws. This may seem like an easy task, but in reality, things prove otherwise. Practice a lot with the following method. Start by holding your ball before your face. Use visualization to imagine the goal occurring. Bend your knees to control the arc of the ball.

TIP! You need to learn the correct way to dribble the ball. Don’t use your palm to dribble, but use your fingertips instead.

Frequently train yourself on your pass catching moves. You need to be able to retrieve perfect passes and not so perfect passes. This will help you catch those bad passes during a game. Therefore, it pays to practice catching passes that are a bit off-target.

Do not practice by playing against the zone defense. Most of the basketball game will probably be played in this zone, but the other team might decide to surprise you and do some man-to-man coverage. This can cause your team to lose momentum to the other side if this isn’t something you’ve practiced.

Completing passes to your teammates is just as important as dribbling the ball. It is tough to play when not dribbling, but your accuracy is sure to inprove. Keep your emotions in check if quality passing is not happening right away as it takes time to perfect this part of the game.

TIP! Keep your head up when you dribble. If you start staring at the ball while you dribble, you know you need to practice more.

Try playing basketball games alone before and during the season. Sometimes you cannot find a team of people to play basketball with. It’s okay! It is possible to get a lot done even when playing alone. Work on free throws or practice pivot moves. You can always do something.

Core Muscles

If you have student that wants to play basketball for their high school team, they will need to spend some time training their core muscles. Core muscles are comprised of the hips, lower back, and abdominal muscles. Core muscles are the connectors between arms and legs. If the core muscles are weak, basketball performance will suffer. By developing a strong core, your legs will follow suit.

TIP! Free throws require both mental and physical abilities. You’re able to train your whole body to do full free throw motions, but if you’re not mentally prepared, you will fail.

Build hand signals so passes are more successful. Basketball passes can be really frustrating when shot wrong. Using signals helps communicate passes with your team. Without a signal, the ball controller shouldn’t make a pass.

If you post up, you need to use good footwork to get open and make sure you get a good shot. Although it’s important to have a physical presence underneath the basket, it’s more important that you get in a good place before your opponent can. When you are in position, you must secure your spot. The key to mastering these skills is good footwork.

One thing to consider if your shooting percentage drops is that your shoulders may be inconsistent when you are shooting. No matter your skill level, you won’t make shots if your shoulders aren’t in the proper position. Keep your shoulders square to the hoop. The shoulder that’s dominant needs to be lined up with the rim perfectly.

TIP! You can improve your passing skills by practicing a simple drill where dribbling is forbidden. It is a challenge not to dribble while playing, but it will ensure the accuracy of your team’s passes.

Use the foot opposite of the hand you shoot with for a better layup. So, if you shoot using your left hand, launch with your right foot. This will keep you balanced and going towards the basket.

If you want to put pressure on the offense, you need to change the pace of things. When you are getting closer to the net, put your foot out and straighten up your body. The guard will think you are slowing down and will also straighten themselves. When they do, push ahead hard and outrun them.

When dribbling, bend your knees. You will have a hard time controlling the ball if you always stand straight and opponents will be able to steal the ball. Bending your knees slightly will enable you to control the ball more efficiently.

TIP! Quality footwork will help you get better shots. While physical positioning is important, it is even more essential to move quicker than an opponent.

Concentrate your ball-handling below knee level whenever possible. This will lower the chances of your opponent being able to steal the ball. This will help you move the ball down the court easier.

Use exercises that are adapted to your level and needs. You could, for instance, work on your sprint so you can perform plays faster, while running on a longer distance will help you build your stamina. You can build muscle to support your shots and ability to hustle by lifting weights and engaging in resistance training. This will also help you build confidence, a key aspect of performing well in any sport.

Maybe you didn’t know that much about the details of the sport despite having a strong love for the game. However, after you’ve gathered additional knowledge about the game through this article, maybe you feel like getting out on the court and being a pro yourself. Follow this helpful advice to get started playing basketball.