Do you remember the first time you played basketball? You probably worked on shooting, passing and dribbling. You might feel like you’ve mastered the game today. The following article will show you that you still have much to learn.

Figure out how to perfect your free throw. This seemingly simple shot can be difficult to execute under game conditions. Use the following directions to perfect free throws and practice often. Start out by holding the basketball right in front of you. Visualize the ball sailing into the hoop. Shoot the ball how you imagine it going in.

TIP! When dribbling, make sure you hold your head high and look straight ahead. If you have to keep your eye on the ball when you’re dribbling, practice can remedy that.

Dribble while keeping your head upward and looking ahead. Anyone who watching the ball while they dribble surely needs to spend more time in the gym practicing. Take your basketball everywhere. Dribble as you walk to the market. You will not be able to see what’s happening before you on the court while beholding the ball.

Don’t just practice your game against the zone defense. The majority of the game is in that area, but be careful about a team who changes things up. Practicing these techniques can give you a competitive edge over your competition.

Want to trick the other team? Try doing a back pass! Use the dominant hand whenever trying a behind the back pass. Next, place the ball behind you. Quickly flick with your wrist in the direction you want to pass the ball. This will trick your opponents.

TIP! It is vital that you learn to crossover the basketball while dribbling. Moving the ball from hand to hand is a crossover.

Have your team mates critique your playing skills. Do they feel you are really good at something? Perhaps you are quick footed, or you are always ready to lend a hand on the court. Find out what your strong points are in the eyes of others. This way you can develop your most valuable skills.

When playing a game of basketball, have a friend tape the game. This way, you can take a look at your game. You can see where you can improve and what plays you missed. Do not waste time criticizing yourself. Just make an honest assessment. You can learn a lot by watching how you play and what you need to concentrate practicing on.

Practice passing while looking in the opposite direction. This will easily confuse your opponents. If you do it right, the look makes members of the opposing team look in the wrong direction, which gives the person to whom you passed the ball plenty of time to make the shot. It’s a great play if done properly.

Free Throw

Get into a consistent routine to improve your free throw shots. If you aren’t consistent, you won’t make the basket. In order to make your free throw perfect, you’ll need to practice the shot many times and get into a routine. This will help you develop a routine. If that routine goes off, it will cause you to miss your shot.

You need to practice dribbling with your weak hand in order to be a more effective player. When you are ambidextrous, you’ll be a better player. Immobilize your dominant hand by tying it behind your back, then practice using your other hand for everything. After a while, your weak hand will be able to dribble better.

TIP! If your son or daughter wants to play high school basketball, they need to work on core muscle training. The core muscles are the hips, lower back muscles and the abdominal muscles.

When you are on defense, make sure to keep yourself low. This will let you get to the jump quicker and let you react to your opponent easier. Stay in a defensive stance. If you need to block the opposing team’s shot, resume your stance as soon as you can.

To trap the opposing players in a 2-3 zone, have the defending guards hold back till the opposing point guard has moved beyond the midcourt line by about ten feet. Once your opponent is trapped, he will have no option but to make a pass. While this is happening, your forwards must sprint toward players in the wings. The point guard will make a pass that forwards can steal.

If you wish to get your weaker hand built up, you need to use it to brush your teeth and to do other simple tasks. If you can train yourself to be ambidextrous, you will gain complete control of that hand. Your game will be noticeably better.

TIP! When injuries occur on the court, it is unwise to keep on playing. Basketball is physically challenging, and injuries are not uncommon.

Try practicing three pointers from the NBA range in order to be a more effective three point shooter. The international line is much closer. If you can make a basket from there, you will open up the defense because they will have to play you closely.

Practice rhythmic dribbling up until the point you wish to shake an opposing player. Changing your pace quickly can take the other player by surprise and give you an advantage. The speed as well as the shift in sound combine to cause confusion.

You have to know how to change the path of your opponent. Whether you’re playing offense or defense, controlling what the other player does is essential. This will allow you to determine the outcome of the game.

TIP! Asking for feedback from coaches and teammates about your playing is important in order to become a stronger player. Find out what they perceive as your best skill.

The position you adopt before, during, and immediately following a rebound has an effect on your ability to keep possession of the ball. Use both feet to jump up to create more force and quickly snatch the ball, grabbing it with two hands. When the ball has rebounded, you want both feet to be more than shoulder width apart so that you can keep your balance.

Nothing is impossible with the game of basketball, now that you have these tips. Put some goals into play and practice all that you can. When you start using the things you’ve learned here, you’re going to be able to be at the top of your game like you’ve always wanted to be.