It’s important to do research about basketball before you start playing. Don’t think you can become the greatest basketball player ever without studying the sport and practicing your skills. Read on and learn some nifty tricks from the experts of basketball.

You should practice your crossovers a lot. Crossover dribble is switching hands while you’re dribbling. This should be something you do quickly. One done the right way, the crossover dribble can help you change directions and get down the court more efficiently.

TIP! It’s simple to want to work on offense when you’re getting into basketball, but it’s smarter to think about defense practice too. Defense ultimately determines the winner of a game of basketball.

To get better in your basketball game, focus on your strengths. Your talent might not make you a star; however, learning your strengths will help you become a better team player. Knowing what you excel at and then practicing that can help you become perfect at it!

One way to get a good understanding of your game is to ask your fellow players about your ability. What are your your best skill areas? Perhaps you have good dribbling skills or maybe your footwork is enviable. By understanding what your teammates see as your best skills, you can ensure that you keep a strong focus and hone these abilities even more.

Be aware of what your feet are doing and where they are. Out of bounds will happen with even one toe over the baseline of the lined play area on the court. Taking a lot of steps when you’re not dribbling means you’re traveling and that’s a turnover call. Moving either of your feet when setting a pick, screen, or even take a charge will result in a foul.

Opposite Direction

Try practicing looking in the opposite direction when you pass. Your opponents can really get confused by this, as well. By looking in the opposite direction, your teammate has a few extra seconds to make the shot. It can be a really powerful play.

To make your layups count the most, take off from the foot opposite your shooting hand. Thus, if you tend to shoot with the right hand, make sure to jump off with the left. This can help you to remain balanced, continue moving toward the hoop, and will keep your body between the defender and yourself.

TIP! Successful free throwing requires as much mental skill as it does physical skill. You must be mentally strong to be a consistent free throw shooter.

Practice moving the ball from one courtside to the other in just 5 dribbles of the ball. You may find this very challenging, but once accomplished it will give you a real edge. You will have easy layups on fast breaks and you will be able to advance your team easily.

Defending Guards

To trap the opposing players in a 2-3 zone, have the defending guards hold back till the opposing point guard has moved beyond the midcourt line by about ten feet. Then your defending guards should encircle the point guard to trap him in place. Your forwards can sprint to block the player on both sides. Their point guard will probably hurl a pass that is easy for your own forwards to steal.

TIP! Practice the skill of pass catching. When practicing make sure you drill yourself to catch errant throws as well as picture perfect passes.

If you wish to get your weaker hand built up, you need to use it to brush your teeth and to do other simple tasks. If your ability to use that hand starts to improve, the benefits to your basketball playing talents will be substantial. Your basketball skills will benefit.

Keep all motion below the knees if possible. This will lower the chances of your opponent being able to steal the ball. Although this means bending a bit, you will be able to move quickly down the court, particularly since you will be successfully avoiding those who are attempting to get the ball from you.

Make sure that you are exercising properly for basketball. Sprinting exercises can help you to become faster, while running for long distances can assist you in making it through the whole game. Lifting weights can build the muscle you need for shots and the hustle of the game. The resulting sense of confidence and power will help when you shoot.

TIP! One great way to pass good is to drill when you can without dribbling. This is very hard to accomplish, but it forces you and your fellow players to work on accurate passing skills.

To become a much better basketball player, try speaking with teammates and learning what they do. Each team has multiple players on it. Playing is more than just you and one other person. You must help one another out. Speak with them and make them aware of when you require assistance so that all of you play better.

Switching up your dribbling rhythm can really throw the defense off. By dribbling consistently and then breaking it up into a different rhythm that’s fast, you can trick an opponent so you have more time to shoot. The speed is important, but it works in tandem with the sound to disorient the player who is guarding you.

When you learn by developing a skill, you will be proud. Pride that is not easily matched but can be bolstered by learning and reading about how you can improve your game. You’ll not only impress teammates and opponents, but you’ll also win games.