Where should I start when learning about basketball? How do you become a great player and be able to show appreciation for the game? This article will provide you with great tips that will come in handy the next time that you go to play a game of basketball.

Learn how to maneuver a crossover if you have the ball fairly often. This term refers to switching the hand you use. This action most be quick to work out. One done the right way, the crossover dribble can help you change directions and get down the court more efficiently.

TIP! Balance is important when shooting. You’ve seen the pros fall out of bounds when trying to shoot 30 feet from the basket; this is a bad move.

If there’s no one around to play with, it is okay to play a basketball game by yourself. You may not always be able to find someone to play with you. That should not matter. There’s still a lot that you can do playing on your own. Work on free throws or practice pivot moves. You can always hone your skills when practicing alone.

In order to get a good shot, good footwork is essential when posting up. You need to have physical presence beneath the net, but you also have to choose the right spot to be in. Once you’re in position, you also need to secure your spot. Each of these skills is reliant on good footwork.

If you’re injured in a basketball game, don’t attempt to play while in pain. Basketball is physically demanding, and it is easy to get hurt. Being tough is one thing, but playing through injury can only harm you even further and make the problem much worse. Serious injuries may require medical attention.

TIP! Improve your passing abilities by challenging yourself to perform drills without actually dribbling. It is hard to play a game when you don’t dribble, but it will help you to be sure that everyone is passing accurately.

Work on core strength when you work out. You will stay balanced if your core is strong. Focus on your hip, abdomen, and back muscles. Your speed and footwork can be improved by jumping rope.

Make sure you know what is going on with your feet. If you fall on a baseline, you will be out of bounds. More than three steps will cause you to get called for travelling. Do not move your feet when attempting to set up a screen, a foul can be called.

Are you now ready with answers to your biggest basketball questions? Are you prepared to impress one and all with your basketball prowess? Has this article given you the feeling that you’re able to become a better player? Practice a variety of skills every day to improve your overall game.