Men, women, and children across the world have fallen in love with basketball. There are many people that don’t know how to play. These tips can help anybody improve their basketball skills, no matter what their age.

Work on improving your strengths to become an even better player. Your best talent may not make you the star of every game, but learning to play your best angle will help you contribute more to the team. Knowing what you excel at and then practicing that can help you become perfect at it!

TIP! You should often work on your layups. You should expect layups to represent about 80% of all the shots you take in a game.

Work on being able to receive a pass. When you practice, be sure to do drills that improve catching wild throws and making great passes. In the middle of a heated game, not all attempted passes will go exactly where you want them to go. Be a better teammate by anticipating a bad pass to make sure it doesn’t get into the opponents hands.

Shake things up rather than focusing solely on a zone defense. The majority of the game is in that area, but be careful about a team who changes things up. Practice with each type of defense so you will know what to expect.

Keep your weight lifting to a minimum as a jump shooter. Muscle strength can be great for basketball players, but it is actually possible to have excessive amounts for playing on the perimeter. Some pro shooting guards make their arms large enough to decrease their own field goal percentage.

TIP! Don’t just practice your game against the zone defense. The majority of game play might take place in the zone, but that doesn’t mean that the opposing team will not try to catch you off guard.

Would you like to pull one over on the other team? Give the back pass a try! To work it, place the ball in your most dominant hand. Keep control of the ball while it is behind your back. Lastly, flick your wrist in the direction that you want the ball to land. This will trick your opponents.

Core Muscles

If you have student that wants to play basketball for their high school team, they will need to spend some time training their core muscles. Core muscles include the hips, abs, and lower back. The core is the muscle group that links the arms and legs together. If their core strength is poor, then so will their athletic performance be. When your core muscles are strong, you become a more powerful force on the court. This means greater speed and higher jumping skills.

TIP! A good tip about passing is try doing it without dribbling the ball. It is tough to play when not dribbling, but your accuracy is sure to inprove.

Good footwork is essential to escaping coverage and putting yourself in position to take a shot when you are posting up. While actually being beneath the basket is key, establishing a good position prior to the opposition is even more so. Once you find a spot, you need to know how to defend it. These will both require powerful footwork.

Keeping your fingers spread wide is important for holding onto the ball. You are more likely to hold onto the ball this way. Your palm should touch the ball as little as possible. When shooting or passing the ball, only your fingers should contact the ball.

To become a great free thrower, practice and develop a routine you will use during each shot. Perhaps you will dribble twice, follow up by bending your knees, pulling your earlobe or performing some other ritualistic action for good luck. Don’t dilly dally, but do complete your ritual.

TIP! Make it your goal to never turn away from the ball on the court. This will make you more aware of the court and you won’t be surprised when turnover potentials come up or quick passes.

Workout to increase flexibility and strength in your hands and forearms. Wrist curls are great for working wrist muscles and improving your dribbling. Don’t think you can just go somewhere on the court, catch a ball and then make a successful shot. You have to learn to move the ball if you want something to happen.

Everyone knows that people from all backgrounds enjoy basketball. Make sure that you sharpen your skills at every level. Have these tips in hand to make basketball even more enjoyable for you.