When basketball was something you first learned to play, it probably felt like a new world. At that time, you were just learning passing, dribbling and shooting. You might feel like you’ve mastered the game today. In this article we will strive to share new and different ideas with you, no matter how skilled you are.

Many people forget that defense is as important as offense during practice. Basketball games are often won by great defensive play. Offense may be splashier, but lacking a solid defense, any team is sure to lose.

TIP! It is easy to be focused on offense when you are learning how to play basketball, but you really should focus your practice on defense. Basketball games are won because of good defense.

Crossovers are key for ball handlers. A crossover happens when you switch hands the ball is in. You have to do this quickly to be good at it. A good crossover dribble can give you the opportunity to switch directions and progress on the court much faster.

Free Throw

Your mind plays as big a part in making a free throw as your actual body does. You can train your body to complete the motions of making a free throw, but if you are mentally prepared to fail, you will. Relax your mind and keep your concentration centered on the basket to make more of these freebies.

TIP! Make sure that you’re dribbling the ball correctly. When dribbling the basketball, use your fingertips rather than the palm of your hand.

If you have a child who has expressed interest in becoming a basketball player in high school, make sure he trains his core muscles. These core muscles for basketball include your lower back, hips and abs. The core connects the lower extremities to the upper extremities. Without a strong core, your performance may be limited. A strong and solid core allows force that is generated via the legs to be used for helpful movements during the game like higher jumps and faster running.

When trying to improve your strength to have better basketball footwork, work on building up your core. When your core is strengthened, you will have more balance and be able to move more swiftly. Focus on your hip, abdomen, and back muscles. Just like boxers, you can improve your footwork and speed by jumping rope.

A good basketball player is really quick on his feet. Speeding up the temp allows you to out-quick your opponent. In order to play fast, you must practice drills. But don’t try to go even faster than you actually are. If you play beyond your speed, the game gets out of control, with errant passes and turnovers.

TIP! Practice shooting free throws. This seems like an easy shot, but it is quite hard.

Strength and flexibility training can help your skills in basketball. Stamina and strength are two things you need to do well in this sport. It can help young kids get the exercise they need. If you have been exercising regularly for years, it might be time to introduce weights into the mix. When you get to be an adult is when you want to concentrate on strength training to help improve durability on the court.

To boost your ability with the weaker hand, try to use it for all daily tasks. If you gain more mastery of it in all walks of life, you improve overall control. As a result, your basketball game will significantly improve.

Keep dribbling until it is time to shoot or pass the ball. After you have stopped dribbling, your options are quite limited. If you decide not to shoot or pass, all you can do is pivot on your rear foot. Then, you will be vulnerable to being double teamed by the opposition, and you are likely to have the ball stolen.

TIP! In order to help you improve your basketball acumen you should watch how the pros play. Watch professionals play or go check out talented local teams to see who has the moves that you want to learn.

You’ll want to use the hand that you aren’t dribbling with as a barrier to protect the ball. However, you’re not actually going to push with this hand; instead, you’re going to separate yourself using this hand. Just make sure it is kept slightly up while you use the other hand to dribble.

Make sure your team really meshes together off and on the court. You will be amazed at the difference in the level of your team’s play when everyone is on the same page. When you feel like your team is part of your family, you have mutual trust. This bond will bring your game to new levels.

Double Dribbling

TIP! Practice your pass catching often. When you practice, mix it up so that you can catch perfect passes and errant throws.

Be sure that you’re not double dribbling. If you start, stop and then begin again, that is double dribbling. When you stop, you have to shoot or pass. Once you have stopped dribbling you have to get rid of the ball. If you do, you are committing a turnover, and the other team will get the ball.

Your should have good position both before and after a rebound to assure you keep the ball. If you need to get up with power, use the strength of both legs when you jump and both arms to grab the ball. Once you grab the ball, spread your feet out wide as you land to help maintain balance while also keeping the ball tight to your chest.

Force your opponent to use his weaker hand. For example, take a step to your right to force a right-handed player to step out of his or her comfort zone. Have your head parallel with their chest so that your body is low and ready to grab the ball.

TIP! A good way to practice sound passing is to drill without dribbling. It is a challenge not to dribble while playing, but it will ensure the accuracy of your team’s passes.

You now have the knowledge you need to master the game. Practice makes perfect and use it to attain all your goals. Fitting these techniques into your game strategy is going to significantly improve your game.