It’s easy to see why millions of people adore basketball. It’s not that simple to be the most talented in the game. Basketball is fun for anyone who chooses to play it. The following tips will help you learn more about the sport in general.

Dribble the ball the right way. Don’t use your palm to dribble. Instead, use your fingertips. This gives you the best ball control. Dribble on the sides of your body instead of directly before you, and bounce it waist level. Keep your head up, do not stare down towards the ground.

TIP! You need to learn the correct way to dribble the ball. Finger tips, not palms, are the key to successful dribbling.

Practice your free throw shot. This is one of those shots that seem easy but in real life are difficult. Use the following directions to perfect free throws and practice often. Start by holding your ball before your face. Picture yourself going through the shot in your mind, with the ball sinking through the net. When you shoot, keep the visualized trajectory in mind.

Looking Forward

Always dribble with your head up and looking forward. You should never be looking at the basketball while dribbling. The ball can go with you when you go anywhere. Practice in your home and wherever you walk. By looking forward instead of at the basketball, you are able to see the happenings on the court.

TIP! Balance is vital to good shooting. You’ve seen the pros fall out-of-bounds and shoot a basket up to 300 feet away, however, this isn’t proper technique.

Focus on your strengths to get better at basketball. Your best talent may not make you the star of every game, but learning to play your best angle will help you contribute more to the team. Realize your limitations, and roll with your talents.

Watch professionals play to learn from their techniques. It is important that you see how other people play the game. By doing this, you will quickly find that players all have their unique subset of skills, allowing you the best chance to see what areas are the best fit for your personal game.

Practice using different types of defenses. Always try to anticipate when your opponent is going to switch up their game to catch you off guard. If your practice hasn’t included this type of scenario, you might lose control rapidly.

TIP! If you want to improve your game, play up your strengths. The best talent you have isn’t going to have you starring in every highlight reel, but having a good skill set can benefit your team.

If your son or daughter wants to play high school basketball, they need to work on core muscle training. Core muscles are comprised of the hips, lower back, and abdominal muscles. The core links both the lower and upper extremities. Without a strong core, they will have limited athletic performance. A core that’s solid and strong will allow you to use force that comes from your legs so you can jump higher and run faster.

The key for controlling the ball well is to spread your fingers. This can help you avoid losing it when you hold it. Try to keep your palm off of the ball as well. Only use your fingers to dribble, pass or shoot.

Pay attention closely to the shoulders if you’re starting to slump when you shoot. If your shoulders aren’t properly positioned, your shot is not going to go in. Shoulders should be towards the hoop. Your dominant shoulder must be lined up with the rim.

TIP! A good way to get your basketball game up to speed is to start trying to see how the pros are playing. Go to as many pro games as possible, watch them on TV, or watch videos of them playing.

Use deception by looking elsewhere when you make passes. This throws your opponents off. If you do this fake the right way, then the receiver of the pass should have an advantage and a great look at the goal. It really can be a powerful technique.

Changing pace can help you keep the offense guessing. Plant a foot and start to straighten your body. The guard may think you’ve slowed down and may try to straighten themselves. You should push and get past them as they straighten themselves.

Bend your knees when dribbling the basketball. If your knees are not bent, the basketball will be more difficult to control. Slightly bending your knees improves ball control significantly.

TIP! Would you like to completely fool the opposing team, making them look silly? The back pass is just the thing! To start, grab the ball using your good hand. Now, pull it behind your back.

If you wish to shoot on the outside better you should work on shooting hundreds of times every day from a lot of places on the court. To improve even more, practice preparing for a shot quickly after dribbling the ball. Try to keep from looking at the rim until you are getting ready to release the ball. You will increase your level of accuracy and create an experience closer to real game play.

Maintain strong team camaraderie both on and away from the court. You will be amazed at the difference in the level of your team’s play when everyone is on the same page. The ability to intuit and appreciate the actions of your teammates can significantly improve your performance as a whole.

Positioning is key in picking up an essential rebound. Jump with both feet for improved power and balance and retrieve the ball with both hands. Once you grab the ball, spread your feet out wide as you land to help maintain balance while also keeping the ball tight to your chest.

TIP! Keeping your fingers spread will facilitate better ball handling. This keeps it under control.

If you’re trying to guard a person that’s bigger than you are, try keeping between that person and the one in possession of the ball. That closes the lane for a pass as you won’t be able to block their shots.

Make passing an important element of your game. Good passing helps beat your opponent. Players who don’t know how to pass or refuse to do so may be termed ‘ball hogs’. You will get the opportunity to use your skills as an individual player but do not neglect team work. Show some good judgement and give others the opportunity to score some points when it is appropriate.

Is it time to put your talents on display? You might want to spend some time practicing first! Get excited, get energized, get motivated, and get out there on the court! You will begin to see an improvement in many skills by implementing these tips.